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Majors & Programs

Concentration Choices:

concentrations4-200.jpgOrganizational Leadership - Influence Others

The Organizational Leadership program at Davis College is designed to train students for leadership and managerial roles within a variety of settings, whether in the church or society at large, with a focus on Christian ministry. An integrated sequence of courses builds upon a solid foundation of biblical and theological instruction to equip students for responsible, transformational leadership in support of organizational mission. Graduates are uniquely prepared to lead with integrity, skill, sensitivity, and in conformity with institutional and personal values.


Music & Worship Leader - Spread His Message Through Music

The Music/Worship Leader program will prepare you for a career in ministry such as Worship Leader, Creative Arts Administrator, Worship Pastor, Music Director or Drama Coach. College chapels and community outreach events give students opportunities to use their creative abilities at Davis while learning the fundamentals of the music/worship leader profession.

International Ministries -
Inspire A Biblical Worldview

International Ministries prepares you to serve globally in Christian missions agencies with cultural relevance and a biblical worldview. The program provides graduates with ministry and professional training for careers in areas such as missions, international relations, relief agency assistance, language translation, church planting, discipleship and human services.

Christian Ministries -
Desire to Serve

Christian Ministries is ideal if you plan to pursue graduate study or if you are transferring a significant number of credit hours from other colleges. The curriculum allows learners to combine courses from several different concentrations to create their own flexible degree program.

Youth Ministries -
Stimulate Truth to the Next Generation

Youth Ministries is designed to prepare you with insight into adolescent dynamics. Students will receive collegiate coursework, individual mentoring designed to foster personal formation, and professional field experiences intended to establish ministry competency.

Christian Counseling -
Aspire To Help Others

Counseling will equip you with the knowledge, skills and passion to best understand and help people in need. A strong Christian framework encompasses every aspect of the program in order for students to acquire a basic knowledge of psychology and counseling from a biblical perspective. Biblical education, research, critical thinking, supervised internships and mentoring help prepare students for graduate study and full-time employment.

concentrations3-200.jpgPastoral Studies -
Develop Your Call

Pastoral Studies prepares graduates for the various duties of pastoral oversight in the local church. Evangelism, missions, administration, worship, preaching and counseling skills are taught throughout the curriculum. Since 1900, practical application of biblical teaching has been the heart of our pastoral program. Graduates are prepared to teach God?s Word in a way that is doctrinally sound and applicable to life situations.

Teaching English as a Second Language -
Engage Cultures for Christ

Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) is the ideal concentration if you have a heart for missions but aren?t sure where to begin. Doors are open all over the world for ESL (English as a Second Language) teachers; even countries that are closed otherwise to the gospel welcome ESL teachers with open arms. Graduates from TESL who meet certain requirements have options to pursue a master?s degree in teaching at universities throughout the United States.

Associates in Bible & Theology -
Build a Foundation

The AAS degree in Bible and theology is intended for students who want a Bible college degree as a foundation for upper division study in any other field or for students who want an associate's degree to complement their lay leadership in the local church. 

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Financial Aid

Davis is Affordable!

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How much does Davis College cost (2013-2014)?

    Tuition (12-17 credits)




    Room & Board


    Room Deposit

 $150 (per year)

    Books $ Supplies

 $300 (estimate)

Total (On Campus)

 $9,720 per semester or $19,590 per year


 $6,620 per semester or $13,240 per year

Online Only Rate

$250 per credit hour*


Check out our Davis College Financial Aid page! To find out what kind of aid YOU will receive, please begin these steps!


START HERE! Complete the FAFSA at (Davis?s school code is 015291).

If you are a New York State resident please apply for New York State?s Tuition Assistance Program (TAP). (For out of state students, please see our ?Non-Resident Comparative Scholarship?.)

Review and apply for Davis College Scholarships
Amounts of $275 - $3000/year available to ALL students!

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Campus Life

Spiritual Life

The development of your spiritual life is a priority at Davis College.  We kick off each year with a Revival Week in chapel by bringing in a dynamic group of speakers to preach from God?s word.  Throughout the school year, chapel highlights what Davis College is all about.  On Mondays, there is a blend of prayer and worship led by students form the Music & Worship Leader program.  Dr. Pedrone, our President, speaks in chapel every Tuesday and guests are brought in on Thursdays to challenge and encourage our students.


Join in on Creative Arts plays & musicals, Chapel Worship teams, Bible Study Groups, International Ministries Festival, Prayer Day, Day of Caring, Revival Week, and the Pastors and Leaders Conference as well!


Extracurricular Activities


Student Newspaper

Student Government

Intramurals ? Volleyball and Indoor Soccer

Snowball Banquet

Student Ministry Opportunities

Community Service

Broadway Caf?

Drama Club

& other Campus Life activities


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Developing Leaders through Competition

Competition takes commitment, passion, and perseverance and our graduates use these lessons learned for years to come.  Our student athletes develop a work ethic and leadership qualities that help them succeed after college. 


Zoning in on Teamwork
Co-ed intermural volleyball and indoor soccer programs are a campus favorite among students. Over 40% of our main campus student body participates!


Standing out in Excellence

Our men?s basketball team has won two Bible College National Championships (2011 & 2013) and three straight SCAC Championships.  We plan to win, practice to win, and play to win.  Though success is an expectation, our athletes know they compete for more than just winning games.  Athletic ability is a spiritual gift to be used to glorify God.  Competing primarily against secular colleges, the testimony of our teams is ultimately more important than the scoreboard at the end of the game. 

Do you have what it takes to be a Falcon?

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