Teen Girl Shot On Hollister St.

Teen Girl Shot On Hollister St.

A 13-year-old girl was shot on the city's northeast side Monday evening.

Disturbing news on Rochester's northeast side Monday night.  A 13 year-old girl was shot in broad daylight on her front porch.  Police say she was not the intended target.  It happened just before 5 o'clock on Hollister Street near Clifford Avenue.

 The 13 year old girl is at Strong Hospital.    We're told her injuries are non-threatening.  Police are trying to understand how and why a young teenager was shot.  
Around 4:50pm Monday, Rochester police were called to Hollister Street.  When they arrived they found a 13 year old girl shot once in the upper body lying on the front porch of her home.  Police  have yet to release her name.

 "At this point we cannot release any information on suspects.  We are still investigating the actual circumstances that occured prior to, during,  and immediately following the shooting.  We  certainly ask for anyone with information to call 9-1-1," said Capt. Ray Dearcop, Rochester Police Department.

 Here's what we know:  Police say a group of men was standing in the driveway when a silver mini van pulled up and fired at them.  The young woman on the porch took the bullet.  She was not  the intended target.  The group of men fled.  So did the van.

 A few minutes later police were called to a crash at Clifford and Portland Avenues at a pizza shop parking lot just down the street from shooting scene.

The manager says a van matching the police description of the suspect's vehicle crashed.  The driver ran away.

 "Obviously whoever did the shooting, hit the car right here.  Then jumped over the gate and ran away, so.  That's all we really know.  They just shut down a parking lot.  And we can't do anything  until it's all over," said Carl Smith, MoJoe's Manager.

 The Rochester City School District is waiting to find out more about the girl before it releases information on where she attended.    Police have made no arrests so far.

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