4 E. Irondequoit Schools Honored by EPA

4 E. Irondequoit Schools Honored by EPA

Four school buildings in the East Irondequoit District are being recognized by the EPA for energy efficiency.
Inside the East Irondequoit operations center, there are a lot of green features. Many of these high efficiency machines can also be found in some of the schools.

About 10 years ago the district began keeping energy use in mind while making upgrades and now it's paying off.  "It's not something that happens overnight, it takes a real committment to do it and a lot of planning," says Milan Beh.  He is the Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds for E. Irondequoit. 

 Recently the EPA gave four buildings the energy star certification.

Eastridge High School,  Laurelton Pardee Intermediate, Durand Eastman Intermediate, and Ivan Green Primary made the list.  These energy upgrades put schools like those in an elite class. They are now in the top 25 % for energy efficiency for similar buildings in the United States.

From HVAC equipment to efficient lighting and roofing insulation, the district has slowly made cost-effective improvements to the buildings.

"To look at all the systems in the buildings and make sure they are all operating within parameters that would provide the best efficiency," says Beh, 

They hope the students take notice too.

"I think stewardship is a big part of it. These are educational facilies and what better place to set an example than here," Beh adds.   

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