A Fix for Foggy Windows

A Fix for Foggy Windows

<p>A local man is working to keep lots of glass from winding up in the landfill.&nbsp; He started up a business that saves windows by fixing ones that are fogging up.</p>

Michael Boyer uses a specialized system to remove moisture and fog from double pane windows.

"We drill the holes and it's a three step flushing process that cleans out the window. Then we put our patented micro vents over the holes," Boyer explains. 

The process saves windows from the landfill and since glass is the third most common building material that savings can really add up.  Since 2004, Glass Guru's all over the country have saved 25,000 windows.

It saves homeowners money too.   "Doing the moisture removal process is about half the cost of replacing the insulated glass unit which is a fraction of the cost of replacing the window," he says.

Boyer just opened his local franchise in may. But he'd been thinking about the idea for a while.

"Years ago my father and I were repairing windows at their cottage on Keuka Lake and he said if you could ever figure out a way to fix a foggy window it would be a great business," Boyer says. 

In 2010, he finished his MBA, found this franchise, and it was a great fit.  Boyer says it doesn't matter how old a window is, a seal can fail anytime. 
But once you fix it,  they guarantee it will last for 10 years.

To find out more about the other services the Glass Guru offers, click here.

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