Aylin Rivera, Monroe High School

Aylin Rivera, Monroe High School

Our News 8 Golden Apple Award winner calls her students her babies! We surprise Aylin Rivera at Rochester's Monroe High School.

Our News 8 Golden Apple Award winner calls her students her babies! We surprise Aylin Rivera at Rochester's Monroe High School.

Several students wrote and asked us to surprise English Teacher Aylin Rivera With a News 8 Golden Apple Award. She turned her back and started crying when we all walked in to give her the award.

Aylin Rivera is a teacher who knows how to motivate her students. "I love my babies and they mean the world to me, thank you so much."

"There's no child in her eyes that can't learn" says Principal Coretta Bridges. "And the kids know she loves them. She tells them that she loves them and she cares about the. She calls them her babies."

Aylin says it's important to connect with students. "And instantly when they walk through the door I do fall in love with them.  And I want to nurture that relationship and build that atmosphere and foster it in our classroom. And we do that."

And how does that pay off? "They do anything for me" says Aylin. "Even on the worst day they will do their work."

Why do students work so hard for her? "Because Ms. Rivera is loving, caring and she really understands students as students understand other students" says 8th Grader Kanden Blocker.

"She's not like all these other teachers" says 8th Grader Destiny Gonzalez. "She's different. She's caring and she's loving. She loves all her kids."

8th Grader Cory Greene adds "Miss Rivera is like a second mom. She loves all her students. She's very kind."

Aylin Rivera is a News 8 Golden Apple Award winner. You can read the letter we received from the students below.

Dear News 8,

    We are nominating Mrs.Rivera because she is loving, caring,and treats us like her own kids. Mrs.Rivera has been there for us since the first day we met her. She is very respectful to us and has a good attitude towards us. She also keeps up a good spirit even when shes feeling down.
    She's like a second mom to us, beacuse she cares and wont give up on us. She helps us when we have problems at school and home. Mrs.Rivera take us out to eat and congratulates us with love and other things.  It's not just because we do good things, it's because she is different from other teachers and she understands.
Mrs.Rivera plays and jokes around with us but she makes us understand school related things by comparing it to things we like.  She deserves this Golden Apple Award from her "babies." We love you Mrs.Rivera.


Briasia Mason, Cory Greene, Kanden Blocker and Destiny Gonzalez

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