Bette Amico, Caledonia-Mumford Middle School

Bette Amico, Caledonia-Mumford Middle School

Kevin Doran went to Caledonia-Mumford Middle School to surprise math teacher Bette Amico.

Principal Paul Estabrooks asked every student at Caledonia-Mumford Middle School to go to the cafeteria.

"Mr. Doran is here to give out a Golden Apple to one of your favorite teachers. Miss Amico." 

Then, all 240 of them waited to yell surprise!

"Ready? Surprise!  Bette you're the winner of a Golden Apple Award for being a great teacher.

"Oh my gosh thank you."

What do you think of this? Look at all these kids!

How highly regarded is Bette Amico at Cal-Mum?  As they left the cafeteria every single kid gave her a hug or a high five!

"They always say good morning to me every day, goodbye on their way out. They try to please you in any way that they can. They're just really good working students," said Bette.

Bette Amico started teaching Math here almost 35 years ago.

"Bette's a very highly talented, skilled teacher. She has the ability to motivate students, she's inspiring. She's absolutely incredible," said Superintendent Bob Molisani.

"I've always thought of them as my other family. When I leave home this is my other family," said Bette.

"Ms. Amico is one of the most passionate teachers and people I know and the kids absolutely love her.  When she says they say hi to her every day, I mean they go to her every day and say good morning or have a good night. The kids absolutely love her, "said Estabrooks.

Bette Amico is a News 8 Golden Apple Award winner.

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