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Beyond the Bump Helping Local Moms

Two local women are helping expecting and first-time moms all over Monroe County.

Two local women are helping expecting and first-time moms all over Monroe County. The goal is to educate women before their babies are even born.

Expect the unexpected...that's what you're told when you're having a baby.

Well, two local women are hoping to change that. Their business, Beyond the Bump, is helping with the transition of becoming a mom.

"We realized that women were not aware of all the resources that were out there for them. Not only after the baby arrived, but also while they were pregnant," said Monica Infante, Co-Founder of Beyond the Bump.

The business has been up and running for the past six months. Their first major event is less than two weeks away, and they want to bring those local resources together all in one location.

"There's the preparation for labor and delivery and just resources for while you are pregnant so we have doulas available and people from the Rochester area Birth Network who can connect you to midwives and child birthing classes and  things along those lines," said Infante.

"Knowledge about the resources available locally to help with those first few weeks home, to know about the social groups available, the experts that you can call when you're in a crisis at midnight," said Melissa Bowie, Co-Founder of Beyond the Bump.

Beyond the Bump is targeted to help women who are pregnant, but its resources are also helpful for any children under the age of two.

"I think people sometimes underestimate, they say we will figure it out once the baby arrives, and they don't really know that they aren't really going to have time once the baby arrives," said Infante.

Beyond the Bump's upcoming event is on Saturday, September 21.  Part of the proceeds will go to Baby Love.

For more information about the event or if you want to register, you can visit www.beyond-the-bump.com
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