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Bills ready for bye week

The Bills practiced on Wednesday before adjourning for their bye weekend off.  Below are comments beginning with head coach Chan Gailey:

Let me cover who did work today and who did not work today. Cordy (Glenn), Kyle (Williams) and (Chris) Kelsay did some of the walk through stuff. They did not do the full-speed stuff but they participated in practice. The guys that did not participate in practice today at all were (Andy) Levitre, Terrence McGee and Mario (Williams). The update on Mario is he had a procedure done to relieve some discomfort in his wrist. We expect him back for practice next week. That is all I know at this point, so that is where we are with the guys who worked and did not work.
Q: Was that procedure done in Houston or was it done in Buffalo?
A: I have no idea.
Q: Was the procedure done today?
A: I think it was yesterday, but I am not sure.
Q: How was that decision made?
A: I do not know all of that. They told me what happened and said he will be ready next week. That is all I know right now.
Q: So you are not clear exactly what the issue is with the wrist?
A: No.
Q: Was it his decision to have the surgery or was it made by the team doctors?
A: I do not know how all of that is made, I just know it happened.
Q: Is there the potential he will miss some games?
A: No. He will be at practice next week. That is what I understand. That is what I was told.
Q: Was the surgery necessary given that you are entering a bye week and it was bothering him?
A: Well when you take care of things it is (during) the bye week. If you have some things you can take care of, you do it. Like we rested Andy (Levitre) today. He had some extra work done on him so we just held him out to give him an extra day's rest. That is where you try to take care of all these things.
Q: Is it a good thing for him if he thinks this will help him?
A: Every advantage you can get mentally for every player is great. Everything that makes them feel better about playing, it helps.
Q: How much did you see it hurting and limiting him?
A: I cannot evaluate that.
Q: How much did OG Kraig Urbik do today?
A: (Kraig) Urbik did everything today. He did. He worked today.
Q: Are all signs pointing to Urbik being back next week?
A: All signs are pointing to him being back and ready to roll next week.
Q: Will CB Ron Brooks be able to play?
A: He has come along. He has had no setbacks whatsoever, so that is a positive, too. How much he knows and how much he can catch up, that will be a determining factor. Physically he is fine.
Q: What went into the decision to keep K John Potter inactive on Sunday?
A: We had not been getting the number of touchbacks. They had been good kicks. They had been real good kicks. One of the advantages is you do not have to cover, you do not have to take the licks. You knew it was going to be a windy day and we were hopefully going to be kicking with the wind a lot, so it worked out that we just deactivated him and let Rian (Lindell) do the kickoffs.
Q: Where is DE Mark Anderson in terms of getting back?
A: I think he is on track. They tell me that they have not ruled out Houston. They think the next one has a real good chance.
Q: Does OT Cordy Glenn have a chance for Houston?
A: Yeah, he has a chance for Houston. Yes.
Q: You are seven games in and your punt and kick return games are one of the league leaders. Can you just talk about that?
A: Obviously Bruce (DeHaven) does a great job with organizing the return aspect of the game. He does a good job with all of it, do not get me wrong. But what shows up this year is the return game... I think this year we have a lot of confidence in our return game, both kickoff and punt return. Those guys really work hard at it and we have some good returners.
Q: Have you altered your thoughts about when guys should bring out kickoffs?
A: We do that game-by-game. We say some weeks it is four, some weeks it is seven (yards)--we just make a determination by what kind of kicker he is. Is he a line drive kicker or does he kick it high? What kind of kicking team are they? We make that decision week-by-week and sometimes kick-by-kick depending upon where we are during the game.
Q: I guess that means there are some unsung heroes like DT Alex Carrington and LB Chris White...
A: Yeah, those guys never get talked about and they are doing an unbelievable job in a lot of areas.
Q: If you wanted to change schemes or concepts in your offense or defense, is there enough time in the bye week to do so?
A: Well you cannot make major changes. It is tweaks more than it is major changes. You make tweaks in personnel. You tweak things that are not going well that you need to change. You cannot make wholesale changes now. That is not possible.
Q: Can you asses the job RT Erik Pears has done?
A: He has been hot and cold. He was hurt early and was starting to round back into shape. He did not play as well in this past game as he had played in previous games. I think that looking at last year I know what he is capable of and I expect him to bounce back this week. Last week was probably one of his lowest production games. He has done it before and I have every belief he will be able to get it back.
Q: So if OT Cordy Glenn is ready for Houston, would there be any temptation to give OT Chris Hairston the start at right tackle?
A: No. To give him playing time there, we might think about that. It just depends on how well Cordy is. All of that stuff.
Q: Do you anticipate OG Chad Rinehart going on IR?
A: That could be a possibility when we get the full evaluation of everything and see what they need to do. That could be a possibility, yes.
Q: Could OG Andy Levitre's procedure prevent him from playing?
A: Oh no, no, no. He will be back Monday.    
Q: In self-scouting, what do you think about your run defense and what needs to be done?
A: I am going to use the same term that I used the other day: consistency. They run the same run four times and we stop it three and let it get out for a big one on the fourth one. You cannot do that. You have to be consistent every time and I think that is the term that we are talking with our players about and making a big deal about. Be able to create consistency play after play and being accountable to each other.
Q: After looking at the film and the situations that you bypassed going for two, do you still stand by that decision?
A: In hindsight, no. If you knew that you were not going to get another opportunity then you should have gone for it before. That hindsight is 20-20. Everybody is good at that.
Q: Does you general philosophy on that remain the same?
A: My general philosophy remains the same. I do not think you do that. I have been in too many games where it comes back to bite you when you do that.
Q: Do you get to take a break here during the bye week?
A: Yeah, a couple days. Sure.
Q: Will you take some perspective and mental rest away from that?
A: Yeah, hopefully.
Q: How do you hope everybody uses the bye week to be most advantageous for the team?
A: I hope they get a lot of rest and I hope they kind of get away from things. Come back refreshed, ready to go and attack the last half of the season.
Q: Is it important for your staff to refresh their mind and maybe come back with some new ideas after the bye week?
A: Sure it is. Just get away for a little bit and get your mind off of things that are problems. That is what coaches do. Coaches think about how to solve problems. If you can get away from that for a day or so, come back then maybe you do have a different perspective or see things a different way. You have to use this to your advantage.
Q: Going back to Potter for a second, will that be a week-to-week decision?
A: Yeah, it will be.
Q: If he is not, how long can you afford to keep him on the roster?
A: Good question.
Q: In regards to Mario, was it a surgical procedure of just a procedure?
A: I do not know exactly what it was to be honest with you. I do not know if they did something non-invasive or invasive. You can ask him, he will be here Monday. You can ask him.
QB Ryan Fitzpatrick
Q: What can you and the offense take out of this bye week moving forward?
A: You do not get a whole lot of work anymore, so I think a lot of it is just self-evaluation. The coaches will go back and look at a lot of the tape. (We are) going to figure out the things that we have done well and the things that we have not done so well and why. For us as a team, it comes at a great time to be able to get some guys healthy and back. Being limited to one practice there is not a whole lot in terms of on-the-field work that you are going to get.
Q: Do you expect any scheme changes or is there just not enough time in this bye week?
A: There is not enough time, but you do not ever try to make drastic changes during the season anyways. I think there is a lot of stuff that we have done well. There is stuff that we obviously have not, with turnovers being a big thing. You just look at all of that and figure out how you are going to get better.
Q: Over this week when you are away from the facility, are you still watching tape?
A: Yea, I will watch tape. It is great now with being able to get it at home on the iPad or wherever it is. A lot of that, for me, will probably be Houston stuff rather than looking at our whole season. It is a good time, mentally and physically, to be able to get away for a little bit--be able to rest up and heal all of your wounds.
Q: Are you going back to Arizona?
A: No, I will be here. A lot of guys will be going different places, but I have kids in school and all of that. I was just in Arizona. I treated that as my vacation during the season, in terms of getting a few days at home there. I will be here.
Q: Will practice today be with more of an eye towards Houston or more on fixing things that are wrong?
A: A little bit of the Houston stuff but a lot of it just getting out there and getting some reps. We will walk through some stuff that will be game plan specific, but I think just getting our blood flowing a little bit and just continuing to work on the timing and consistency.
Q: Have you gotten the game plan yet or will you get that next week?
A: (The coaches) have looked at it and done a little bit of the stuff, but a lot of it will come next week.
Q: Is it a little bit of a double-edged sword only having one practice this week seeing as how you used to be able to make all of your adjustments? Now with the CBA, players have less work but able to perfect less.
A: I think the reason the CBA was thrown together like it was a lot of this week now is viewed as a time to get healthy and time for players to heal all of their little nicks and wounds. Because this is a long season, this comes at a good time for us after seven games. Maybe be able to get some linemen back and get some guys healthy. That is more of what the bye week is and then the coaches evaluating things, sitting down and watching the film from before the season. We get one extra day of preparation coming up here once we finish our four days off. So do they, but we are looking forward to it.
Q: Does this team need a mental break?
A: I do not know. I always say it is a good day on Wednesday, whether it is a loss or a win, to get back in and start looking at an opponent and move forward. It is a long season and a bye week is welcomed every year no matter what your record is just because it is tough sometimes with your body and mentally the strain that it puts on you. I think the bye week is always welcomed.
Q: Being 3-4, is the bye week something of a refresher to say 'Hey there is a lot of football left'?
A: Yeah, it is good to take a step back and keep everything in perspective. I think that is an important thing to do during the bye week.
WR Stevie Johnson
Q: Has the bye week hit at the right time for you guys and do you feel like you can reevaluate everything, since it seems like that is what needs to happen?
A: No, the bye week did not come at a right time. We would all like to go into a bye week with a win. This season we go into a bye week with a loss. It does not feel good, but it is what it is. We have to take this week off and then we have to come back and ball out.
Q: Is it hard not to think about the loss over the two week period?
A: I think it is gone. We know what happened. I do not think it is really going to affect us as far as being down and letting it carryover. We are all professionals, we are all grown men and we can move on from it. We know what happened and we have to work it out. When we get back from the bye week, hopefully everybody is ready to go.
Q: As an offensive guy, what is your take on DE Chris Kelsay saying some guys were not playing hard every snap?
A: I think with him being a leader of that side of the ball, I think it is relevant. I think it is all good words. I do not have a problem or an issue with it at all. Just hopefully, whoever he is talking to gets the picture or gets the message and we all can bring this thing together and go forward. I do not have an issue at all with what he said. I think if somebody on the offensive side said something like that, we all take it as a challenge and go for it. There was nobody that said it on the offensive side, but I think what (Chris) Kelsay said was good.
RB Fred Jackson
Q: What can you take and learn out of the bye week since you only get one day together?
A: Today is just going to be used as a day we can get a good foundation on the guys that we are going against in Houston. It is not going to be some overbearing practice where we go out and learn all of their schemes and things like that. It is just going to be a good way to go out and see what they are about. We looked at them a little bit on film, not a lot. It is a bye week so we will use it as such.
Q: Can you change schemes drastically during the season or can you just not do that?
A: It is definitely something you can do. I do not think we are going to do that though. We have all of the confidence in the world in our schemes and things like that, so I do not think that is what is needed. I think we just have to show up and make more plays. The coaches are putting us in the plays and schemes that they feel can get the job done. It is our jobs as players to go out and execute those schemes.
Q: How can you get stronger mentally to execute those assignments and get it done?
A: First, I do not think we are mentally weak so to speak. I think it is just something we need to fine tune. We need to know where it is we need to be in the scheme. We have to bust our butts to do that. We have to rely on each other to be where we need to be to get things to go the way that we need them to. I think a lot of guys are just going to have to do some self-reflection during this bye week. Whatever it is you do to take your game to the next level, that is what we are going to have to do when we come back off of this bye week.
RB C.J. Spiller
Q: You and Fred Jackson were on the field together a lot more on Sunday. Do you feel that's sort of where this offense is going for the most part?
A: I'm not sure. Coach Gailey is offensive guru. Along with our running backs coach (Curtis Modkins) they do a great job of trying to find the personnel that helps us be successful on Sunday. So I like it, me personally, because it keeps the defense off-balance. They don't know what's really going to take place when they see both me and Fred out there, so hopefully we'll see more of that. But if not, we've got other guys that can make plays as well.
Q: You're a guy that looks at yourself and self-evaluates a lot. Where are you C.J. at seven weeks into the season?
A: I'm not where I want to be. I can definitely do a whole lot better, especially protecting the ball. I've got two turnovers already in the seven games we have played. Then just being mentally sharp, not saying that I wasn't, but just going out on Sunday and just playing with a lot of passion. I thought Sunday I played with a lot of passion and emotions. I was definitely in tuned just like I'd been every game, but Sunday was probably more of an emotion game for me than normal. So just try to evaluate the games where I can get better at, know what defenses are going to try to do now when I'm in the game and just try to figure out a way I can use my experience, knowledge and game planning to my advantage.
Q: Is part of this break - I know is physically resting - but also to say to yourself, 'Hey, we're 3-4. It may be disappointing but there's a lot of season left.' Is that part of that?
A: Yea, exactly and the main thing is I'm not going to get caught up into what the outside people say or the sportscaster are probably saying we're down and out and can't turn it around. But there's still a lot of football left to be played. And in order for us to turn it around we have to have great weeks of preparation and then on Sundays you just have to go out there and do it. You've got to go out there, impose your will on the opponent and hopefully as an offensive unit that's what we're going to try to do. Hopefully that'll be one of the things that I'm going to probably look over and see how we can impose our will onto the defense and in that same time keep attacking them and keeping them off-balance.
C Eric Wood
Q: Does everybody need a mental break with how up-and-down the first seven weeks have been?
A: Yeah. Whenever the bye week occurs you definitely need time to recharge. It is a long year, we have been in it since July but even prepping before that for training camp. Just getting a little piece of mind this weekend will help recharge us for the rest of the year.
Q: Can you point to anything that will fix the inconsistency issues?
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