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Book Closes On RIT Professor Murder Case

The last of two people accused in the murder of an RIT professor learned his fate Tuesday.
The last of two people accused in the murder of an RIT professor learned his fate Tuesday. 

Jerrell Henry was handed a life sentence without the possibility of parole in State Supreme Court. He and his then-girlfriend, Natalie Johnson, were both convicted of robbing and killing 73-year-old Edline Chun last February. But the sentence is not bringing closure to Chun's closest friends. Victoria Kaiulina Visiko describes Chun's murder as a nightmare she will never wake up from.

"When you love someone that much and they are taken away so quickly; and I never even got to say goodbye," she said.

The two met more than a decade ago. Victoria says Edline became part of her Hawaiian family. She was in court during all of the proceedings for both Henry and Johnson. State Supreme Court Justice Francis Affronti called Henry "sadistic" as he handed down the sentence. Victoria says it is justice but it does not bring her closure.

"This has changed my life. This has changed the lives of everyone who knew her and also changed the lives of people who didn't know her but are affected by what happened to her," she said.

Henry maintained his innocence and his attorney went on record to say he did not think the prosecution met their burden of proof for conviction of first degree murder.

"We ran a clean trial. So, I don't believe his chances for an appeal will be successful. I certainly hope they're not," Assistant District Attorney Perry Duckles said.

There is no word on whether or not Henry plans to appeal. Victoria says she was not surprised by Henry's lack of remorse. 

"It's very difficult to even be in the same room. But no, I never expected any sort of apology or anything coming from him," she said.

Now she is tasked with moving on, and she will provided she can help keep Edline's memory alive. 

"She will not die with us. She will absolutely remain strong in our hearts and in our minds and in our memories forever and ever," she said.

A memorial event for Chun will be held on February 3rd- exactly one year after her death. It will be at the Memorial Art Gallery on University Avenue from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. 

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