Brown Questioned on Dual Roles

Brown Questioned on Dual Roles

City's new corporation counsel plans to retain stake in his law firm.
T. Andrew Brown told City Council during his confirmation hearing he could remain a principal in his private law practice and run the city's legal department.

"The key is the avoidance of conflicts...I'm convinced that's not a problem," Brown said.

He has had a long career as a civil litigator in Rochester. Mayor Lovely Warren appointed him to the Corporation Counsel position. The arrangement proposed by Brown is highly unusual in a city of the size of Rochester.

Brown said his firm has withdrawn from six cases in which clients are suing the city. He said the firm would not accept future cases that could present a conflict. Brown said he could work on his law firm duties in his private time.

City council is expected to hold off on his confirmation pending a review by the state bar association's ethics board.
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