Carrier Dome Roof Gets Green Makeover

Carrier Dome Roof Gets Green Makeover

Carrier Dome in Syracuse plans to re-use rainwater.
Officials at the Carrier Dome at Syracuse University are working on a plan to re-use runoff from it's famous roof.

A federal grant will help them capture rainwater. To green up the home of the orange.

For the past few years, officials at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse have been working hard to enhance the fan experience. Now, they're turning some of their attention to a project that will help the environment. Pete Sala, Carrier Dome Manager says, "having a building like this in place, it obviously stands out in the community and on campus. When we were approached by engineers from C&S and we met with them and decided what can we do if we save some of the water from the roof."

The basic concept is there. Gravity will be a big help. So will the design of the Dome. Restrooms are stacked right over each other from level to level. But some key details are still being worked out. Sala says, "where can we store the water somewhere in the building, very difficult, that's been one of the biggest challenges because we can't store the water in the tubs where the water comes down because of snow backup onto the roof, so we need to be a little creative with that."

They won't be able to take all the rain that comes off the six and half acres of roof, there's just too much to handle. But what they do collect will help reduce how much goes into the stormwater system and eventually Onondaga Lake. It could put the popular stadium on the map for more than just sports.

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