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Changes to Macedon Fire Service

Politics are shaking up fire protection in the town of Macedon.
Politics are shaking up fire protection in the town of Macedon.

For years the village of Macedon provided fire protection to part of the town. But they town has now decided to use the Macedon Center Fire Department and the newly created South Macedon Fire and Rescue.

The Town of Macedon's split from the Village Fire Department isn't about service.

"This bickering that sadly can't be comprised, it's not one side versus the other. Both parties can't get along and come to a civil agreement," Macedon resident Renee Herrmann said.

Town Supervisor William Hammond told News 8 he's fed up with the village government in March. The village sewage plant sparked the feud. Hammond claims the town helped fund the plant but then the village said the town couldn't use it. Village Mayor Marie Cramer said the village shouldn't be blamed for the problem.

"The village will continue to try to have a good relationship, we're always hopeful."

Compromise didn't come in time to save the relationship with the fire department. The town board decided not to renew a $95,000, one year contract with the village fire department. The town funded the majority of the fire department's budget.

"There may be things in the budget that we may have to give up so we're going to have to do that so there's going to be some hard decisions forthcoming," said Cramer.

The town signed contracts with the Macedon Center Fire Department and South Macedon Fire and Rescue. It will cost taxpayers. Herrmann says her taxes will go up about $80 a year but says the change gives her peace of mind.

"I'm going to know that no matter what happens between the two boards and their bickering, this fire department is truly in charge and responsible for fighting fires only."
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