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Chocolate Ball Inspires Those With Epilepsy To Give Back

Local Attorney with Epilepsy provides hope for teens.
Epilepsy is a condition that affects roughly three million people, and that number continues to grow.
The Epilepsy Foundation here in Rochester counts on money raised at the annual Chocolate Ball to help with education.
Steve Segar lived a normal life, until one day at his law firm he had a seizure, in front of his colleagues.
Segar didn't know what was happening to him either, in fact he doesn't even remember it.
Shortly after, at 35 years old he was diagnosed with Epilepsy, and thought he was okay.
Until seven years later, when he had another seizure driving his family on the thruway.
Fortunately everyone survived.
Anyone at any age can suffer from Epilepsy, the reasons why aren't always the same.
Segar wanted to give hope to teens suffering from the condition, so he created a scholarship program, called Segar Scholarship awarding three recipients a year.
Steve Segar will be at this year's Chocolate Ball, showing that Epilepsy does not have the power to control your life.

The Ball is Saturday, February 8 at the Riverside Convention Center starting at 5:30-midnight.
You can still buy tickets online, our own Kevin Doran is this year's emcee.

Go to epiny.com for more information.
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