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City Hall Offers Public Apology to Edison Teens Wrongly Accused

Rochester City Hall Apologies to Three Edison Tech Teens Wrongly Accused While Waiting for Bus

A public apology tonight from Rochester City Hall to the Edison Tech basketball players who were arrested last month while waiting to catch a city bus on East Main Street.  The District Attorney later dropped the charges.
Tonight the team lead the Pledge of  Allegiance  at the City Council Meeting.

The Edison Tech Team, coach, and parents of some of the young men arrested sat proudly at City Hall Tuesday night  at the invitation of Councilman Adam McFadden who said this city wronged these teens.  City leaders said,  "we're sorry."  For some, the apology is a start, but it isn't enough.   

The Pledge of Allegiance, led on this night, by members of the Edison Tech basketball team. 

 Three players were arrested last month while waiting to catch a city bus to a scrimmage.  Police said they were loitering and talked back to police.  The District Attorney later dropped the charges.

"It is my opinion that we made a mistake in arresting three of you.  And it is also my opinion that there are a number of ways that that could have been handled," said Adam McFadden, Rochester Councilman

The three players say they are forgiving, but they want no one to forget.

"I felt like it's about time.  I can focus on the season.  And just give my family some security and let them know that okay, Daequon Carelock is Okay.  So we can move on past this," said Daequon Carelock, Edison Tech student

"I felt like they showed respect.  Like they felt like they did the wrong thing that they arrested us," said Raliek Redd, Edison Tech student

While the apology is accepted, it is not enough for Raliek's mom, Crystal Chapman.  She wants others to learn from her son's example. 

"It's definitely  not enough.  I just feel like these boys and other boys have been targeted .  They've been, ya know, it still upsets me a little bit.  Cause I know they  try and move on.  But I see my son everyday and I know it's affecting him everyday," said Crystal Chapman, Redd's mother

The case made national headlines.  Now those impacted hope the lessons learned will be far reaching as well.

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