Co-Workers Rally Around Man Hit By Car

Co-Workers Rally Around Man Hit By Car

Eric Green barely survived after police say a driver high on drugs hit him as he crossed the street. Now friends are trying to help pay his medical bills.
When Eric Green was hit by a car on Rochester's East Main Street in October, he almost didn't live.

Just about every single bone in his body was broken and he suffered a brain injury.

"He had to get facial reconstruction surgery. His mouth is wired so he can't talk, he has a trach tube for breathing in his neck. He has to learn simple basic things all over again," said Stephanie LeCesse.

Police say when a car hit him on East Main Street in late October, the driver was high on drugs.

Now his story of survival has inspired his co-workers to help him recover and pay for the medical bills that he can't.

Green works as a dishwasher for Max Rochester but has no medical insurance.

He was walking home from work when the accident happened.

His medical bills are continuing to add up as his hospital stays grow.

So his co-workers, Stephanie LeCesse and Christine Whitely, have set up an online fund to help support Eric's medical expenses.

They say they have tried to pool some of their tips, but that just won't cut it.

Since the fundraiser started, they have raised about $1400. They say the "sky is the limit."

"There is nothing that Eric wouldn't do for another human being. So there is not anything we wouldn't do for him," said Christine Whitely, a co-worker.

Green has two children that he supports who live in North Carolina. His co-workers also say he helps take care of his girlfriend's child as well.

If you can help out with the fundraising effort, you can find a link to the Eric Green Recovery Fund here.

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