Cold Case Search Warrant At Ridge Road Fire District

Cold Case Search Warrant At Ridge Road Fire District

Greece Police issue search warrant in 1978 Holiday Inn fire

When flames tore through the Greece Holiday Inn in November 1978.

Many Canadian families were on a shopping getaway.

Many would never make it home.

"It was one of the most horrific crimes that occurred in the town of Greece 10 people were murdered in a pretty grisly fashion, so it is a cloud that hangs over the town of Greece. It is a case that we would like to solve and make an arrest in," said Captain Patrick Phelan, Greece Police spokesperson.

Brian Sundue was just 12 when his mother, grandmother, and aunt died in the fire.

"It's the kind of thing that one of the most life altering experiences I ever had and my sisters too,” said Sundue.

Brian has new hope after investigators arrived at the Ridge Road Fire District station Thursday with a search warrant.

"We are here because we have probable cause to believe that there is evidence in that building that is pertinent to the investigation," said Captain Phelan.

An arson task force was formed two years ago which included Greece Police, the FBI, Monroe County Sheriff's office.

"There has been a lot of work done by the task force, like I said, literally hundreds of interviews have been done the last few years. All of the evidence has been looked at again and it is an active, flowing investigation," said Captain Phelan.

Ridge Road Fire District Chief Harold "Bud" Phillips was named a person of interest at the start of the investigation.

He was the first person to spot the fire as a firefighter in 1978.

News 8 asked but Phillips is not commenting on the search warrant issued Thursday.

Greece Police also aren't saying much.

"We do not anticipate any arrests in the near future. This is simply just part of an investigation. It's part of the investigative process to execute search warrants and collect evidence that is all we are doing today," said Captain Phelan.

Brian is thankful investigators haven't given up and hopes an arrest comes soon.

"I am hopeful that this will lead to something and this does on the face of it appear to be a big step forward," said Sundue.

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