Color Guard Gets Help to Return to Glory

Color Guard Gets Help to Return to Glory

Greater Rochester Health Foundation gives group Grant

A once nationally ranked color guard has its flags flying once again in Western New York, thanks to the Greater Rochester Health Foundation.

Tossing flags, keeping step and learning music.

The Mighty Liberators is a 65 member color guard with a storied past.

In the 1970's, Yvonne Clinkscales competed with the group in Denver, Colorado.

Back then, the team placed 6th in the U.S., and now Clinkscales is tryng to revitalize what she calls "A Point of Pride" for Rochester.

But she couldn't do it alone. After a reunion of the original group in 2006, members pledged to get that glory back, and looked to the Greater Rochester Health Foundation.

"It was a marriage made in heaven" Clinkscales said,"The GRHF back in 2009 put out an RFP looking for programs that could increase activites and reduce childhood obesity."

Clinkscales applied for a grant, and got $9,300 to really get the program off the ground.

She said "This money actually goes to actually fund the equipment, the flags, the poles, it was actually used to buy some drums because we have a drum line."

But it doesn't stop there. The grant money also helps today's Mighty Liberators learn how to stretch, exercise and eat right.

"It also helps us to give our kids nutritional meals. One of the components of the grant is that our parents are able to actually serve healthy meals to our kids which teaches them how to eat healthy," Clinkscales added.

She also hopes to expand the Mighty Liberators' drum line and horn line.

That would allow them to compete in more national categories.

Clinkscales believes it all leads to a very important lesson, one you can't award with a trophy.

She added "They also learn unity. They learn how to work together. They learn cultural diversity because as they compete, they're in areas that they're not accustomed to being in. So it's an all around program that actually touches many bases and assets for the kids."

 For more information on how to get involved in programs funded by the Greater Rochester Health Foundation, click here.

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