Culver Rd. Armory Renovation Full Steam Ahead

Culver Rd. Armory Renovation Full Steam Ahead

Developers are going full steam ahead in their renovation of the Culver Road Armory.
Developers are going full steam ahead in their renovation of the Culver Road Armory. 

Marina Cappi says her high-end boutique was something Rochester was missing. When the Culver Road Armory was renovated, she knew her store, D. Kent & Co., would fit in perfectly. Her business the first of many retailers expected to open over the next year at the historic site just sound of I-490 in Rochester.

"I think it's the most unique and perfect lifestyle situation, you couldn't ask for more," she said.

Now a second building is going up behind the Armory. Four tenants are set to move in, including Fleet Feet Sports in Brighton. Right now, the frame of the 42,000 square foot commercial building is up. Businesses will start moving in at the beginning of the year. Arhaus Furniture is opening up next June. 

"We had a lot of faith in the concept and I think that we've felt enough people would want and enjoy and support a mixed-use development like this...that it was absolutely worth the risk and we are having a lot of fun," Fred Rainaldi Jr. said.

Phase 3 is set for 2015- a condominium building that comes with a green concept. The five-story condo tower will have 10 units with the exterior made of cedar and glass. 

"We are very excited about it because the style of living and it's ability to really enjoy the amenities and offer some features that don't exist within the city borders right now," Rainaldi said.

Culver Road Armory is starting to look like a city within a city.

"That's been my goal and I have great support behind me too to bring new retailers who maybe didn't think that they could survive in this market. I'm proving that they can and it's been really really unique and I can't wait to see who else joins this mix," Cappi said.

Also coming soon- a cafe juice bar and a rooftop heated yoga studio. 

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