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Cuomo Plans to Allow Limited Use of Medical Marijuana

Governor Cuomo plans to announce an executive action that would allow limited use of marijuana for those who have serious illnesses, according to a New York Times article published Saturday.
In an executive order, Governor Andrew Cuomo plans to announce the use of medical marijuana during his State of the State Address. 

Twenty hospitals statewide will be allowed to distribute the medical marijuana to those patients who qualify under strict guidelines. There is no word if any hospitals in our area will be impacted. The move is being applauded by medical leaders in many areas, including multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and cancer. The Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester also supports the move. 

"We have a lot of patients where the very expensive, anti-nausea drugs just do not work. There's Amend, there's Kytrol; I mean these are expensive drugs. These are $80 to $100 a pill, and then to fill a prescription and have it not work well for you is really devastating," Holly Anderson said.

The Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester released a statement saying, "“We are deeply appreciative for Governor Cuomo’s leadership on this issue. We have been frustrated by the NYS Senate’s failure to act for many years.  By moving to implement the 1980 Olivieri law, the Governor is doing everything he can within his executive power to help alleviate the suffering of some patients. The Governor understands, as many advocates do, that the Olivieri law was written nearly 35 years ago, and is unlikely to be sufficient enough to address the issues patients face in 2014 - and thus the legislature still needs to act. Comprehensive medical cannabis legislation has long languished in Albany. The Assembly has on four occasions passed the Compassionate Care Act, but the Senate has failed to take action or even hold a hearing on the issue. The Senate Health Committee has created a logjam by refusing to move the legislation to the floor for a vote- leaving New York the only state in the Northeast without a medical cannabis program.  It is incomprehensible that New Yorkers continue to suffer while residents in neighboring states can gain much-needed relief. This is not acceptable. We agree with Governor Cuomo- New York should have the best medical cannabis program in the country, and we’re going to double our efforts to get the Senate to finally pass the Compassionate Care Act so we can deliver it to the Governor for his signature.” 
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