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50 & Beyond: Zumba and Seniors

The importance of exercise among seniors.
Greece resident Bud Allinger knows more than anyone that age is just a number. At 90 years old, he is taking Zumba class.

"I can do more now just because I've done more for several weeks. It's amazing at 90 you can still do that," he said.

Bud lives near Beatrice Place in Greece, a campus owned and operated by Episcopal Senior Life Communities. The organization is switching from a medical to a social model of care. The Northeast Greece Neighborhood Program is based out of Beatric Place and offers classes for residents and neighbors alike. 

"This is a very important part of life here; to get them out of their apartments, to get them into a setting that they'll be challenged with what the lady next to them is doing and just to have fun," Loren Ranaletta said.

For one class, Beatrice Place invited local leaders to take part. State Senator Joe Robach was there as well as Greece Town Councilman Mike Barry. 

"As they get older, we want to make sure they're active; not just to exercise but to also stay with the community, stay with the neighborhood and this facility is great. They do both," Barry said.

ESLC Community Liason Katie Torres became a certified Zumba instructor just so she could teach a class. 

"You put your sneakers on and you'll be amazed at where it takes you," she said.

"I'd like to thank everybody who's part of this. They're helping people live longer and happier. It's wonderful really," Bud said.

The neighborhood program at Beatrice Place also offers yoga, a fully-outfitted fitness center and a walking club- perfect for residents and neighbors like Bud. Thanks to ESLC, he can Zumba every week if he wants to. 
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