Alicia Vann - Volunteer, Fairport Baptist Home

Alicia Vann - Volunteer, Fairport Baptist Home

<p style="margin-bottom: 0in"><font face="Arial, sans-serif"><font size="3">Alicia Vann's classmates at St. John Fisher College wanted us to know about her compassion and kindness. Alicia is studying to be a physical therapist who works with older adults.</font></font></p>

In the Rehab Unit at the Fairport Baptist Home, Alicia Vann is soaking up new relationships with residents and new lessons from the therapists on staff. Alicia is a junior at St. John Fisher College and she's set on a career in physical therapy. She wants to work with seniors and older adults.

"I had a really strong relationship with my grandmother so when she passed away I continued to volunteer and work with people the same age," she says. "I love the stories that people have to tell, that's the biggest thing. I love hearing what they have to say."

"She's done a great job so far," says Rehab Manager Jennifer Profetta. "We've enjoyed having her. She's got a great personality. I can tell that she's definitely going to be good at the field."

Alicia's inspiration is her late grandmother. It's a loving bond that she gets to renew with the seniors she meets every day.

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