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Attorney General Seeks to Halt Lyft

Files for temporary restraining order.
New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is seeking a temporary restraining order against Lyft, as it enters the New York City market. Lyft is already operating in Rochester.

Users order rides from Lyft through their smartphones. There is a suggested fare. The company considers itself a ride-sharing service, not a taxi service. Many cities have said Lyft, and similar service Uber, violate their laws regulating taxi services.

"As it has done in every other city in which it operates, defendant has simply waltzed into New York and set up shop while defying every law passed whose very purpose is to protect the People of the State of New York," the court filing reads.

The filing claims the insurer used in Buffalo and Rochester is not licensed in New York. The AG also says Lyft drivers need commercial automobile insurance. Many drivers use their own personal cars and drive part-time.
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