Bills Fans on Potential Team Owners

Bills Fans on Potential Team Owners

Buffalo Bills fans are excited to be out at training camp today-but they're less excited about one potential new owner for the team. Sports Director John Kucko is at training camp with the story.


Rockstar Jon Bon Jovi is certainly one of the handful of names that's interested in buying the Buffalo Bills. While he may be a popular musician the thought of him owning this football team is not something fans embrace.


"I love John Bon Jovi as a singer but I don't know as an owner of the Bulls especially and he can't move them to Toronto, I think that would be the end of the team. Obviously when they went up there to begin with I don't think there were enough fans to follow them and to do it on a consistent basis? I don't think it's a good move," said Bills fan Krystle Zenner.


Colin Dee said, "It seems like everybody's saying they're going to keep them in Buffalo but I just don't believe it. You can't believe it. I guess we're all kind of afraid of it."

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