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Canandaigua Police Review Main Street Crosswalks

In Canandaigua, there's some tension between drivers and pedestrians.
In the heart of Canandaigua, you'll find a vibrant Main Street. A place where people enjoy shopping and dining.

"I've been downtown Canandaigua here for over 23 years," said Kenneth Gulvin.

Kenneth Gulvin owns Ken's Doghouse. Over the years, he's had a front row seat to the dangers pedestrians and drivers face.

"In the past, I have seen a few pedestrians or heard of them getting hit or more than that probably fender benders. Cars running into each other with the four lanes of traffic," said Gulvin.

Recently, flashing beacons have been installed at three Main Street crossings. The police department has added a new position specifically to enforce traffic laws on Main Street.

"One is going to be an education piece. We are actually going to pass out pamphlets to pedestrians and business owners educating them on the law for both pedestrians and drivers," said Detective Sgt. Scott Kadien.

"I think we are trying to get the word out that it really needs to be a combination of drivers and pedestrians taking responsibility when crossing the street," said Mayor Ellen Polimeni.

For walkers, the lights are a big help.

"I think it's great and I think the people that are driving the cars are obeying it. They are going by it," said William Stewart.

Gulvin has already noticed a difference.

"I'd say recently I hear maybe a few screeching of the tires but generally since they have installed a lot of the safety lights, it's been better," said Gulvin.

But despite the safety upgrades, pedestrians still cut across Main Street.

"If someone wants to use a non-controlled crosswalk, they have to wait until it's practical for all the vehicles to stop. They just can't walk out and expect everyone to stop. It's unfeasible and that's not the law," said Kadien.

He says regardless of the signs and flashing lights, the most valuable tool you have is common sense.

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