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Captain's Attic Bar Suspended

The troubled East End bar was issued an emergency suspension by the State Liquor Authority.
A troubled East End bar will not be allowed to open tonight.  The State Liquor Authority issued an emergency suspension of Captain's Attic license during a board meeting this afternoon.  An attorney for the authority said the bar poses a threat to the health and safety of neighbors and patrons.
She also said the owner deleted security footage, reduced security staff, lied about occupancy numbers and told workers to never call 911.

The attorney described a shootout outside captain's attic last weekend during a hearing streamed online today, "A Rochester police officer observed a suspect raise a semi-automatic weapon to chest height and fire five shots into a large crowd of Captain's Attic patrons who were in the area at closing time. The same officer heard what sounded like three shots coming from a handgun coming from his right.  As a result of this incident the crowd became agitated and fled the area in an extremely unsafe and disorderly fashion."

Police have been called to Captain's Attic 284 times since it opened last May.

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