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City Bracing For Winter Blizzard

Roads are becoming slick as blizzard conditions converge on the city.
Roads are becoming slick as blizzard conditions converge on the city.

Winds have been whipping since late morning. Visibility is low and traffic has slowed. Many people were able to head home early before the storm got worse. Parking Lots cleared out as many adults enjoyed a snow day.

"I actually own a restaurant with my partner Arnie and we decided to close a little early since there's not many people out here," Chris Seeman said.

"They closed at 1:30. I had to get gas though," Sikeyia Thompkins said.

Business offices across the are closed to give everyone more time to get home as blizzard conditions are expected to intensify. 

"I'm right up the street," Thompkins said.

But Seeman is not so lucky. After clearing his car, he had to make a careful drive to Chili. 

"[It'll] probably take me an hour and a half with the weather," he said.

State Police say that is typical. Expect much longer travel times and if you do not need to get on the road, stay home. 

"Be safe. You're going to have to bring a shovel with you. Make sure your car is cleared off; [clear off] all the windows so you can see clearly and I wouldn't suggest traveling very far from home," Trooper Mark O'Donnell said. 

Travel advisories remain in effect. Currently, the New York Thruway is shut down between exit 46 and exit 40 in the eastbound lanes due to an accident. 

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