Courtney Bullock - Canandaigua

Courtney Bullock - Canandaigua

<br>Courtney Bullock is a true leader in the music program at Canandaigua Academy.&nbsp; She plays both saxophone and clarinet, in every musical ensemble the school has to offer.

Courtney Bullock is a disciplined musician.   She's also a busy one!  Her main instrument is the clarinet.  But this Canandaigua Academy senior is involved in every ensemble the school has to offer, from chorus and pit orchestra,  to jazz ensemble and pep band.    "I've improved a lot in band because of things I do in chorus, and vice versa," Courtney says.


Music teacher Greg Kane says even though Courtney has a shy demeanor, she leads by her example.   "She serves as a great leader to those around her," says Kane.  "She doesn't realize it, but the kids who are here now as freshmen look up to her and say that's who I want to be."


For four years, Courtney has earned top scores at All-County and All-State ensembles.   She even earned a chair in the All-State Symphonic Band.  Next year she's off to Bowling Green State University to study music.

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