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David Hauck - Greece Odyssey Academy

Cellist David Hauck was the first student at Greece Odyssey Academy to ever earn a varsity letter in music - and it happened his freshman year.<br>
     David Hauck isn't just an exceptional cellist.
     He believes music has the power to heal, and he's backing it up with plans to study music therapy in college.  Hauck is an outstanding music student at Greece Odyssey Academy.  Because of his commitment to cello, flute and singing and his participation in everything from orchestra and band, to school musicals and choir, he was the first Odyssey student to earn a varsity letter in music.  And it happened during freshman year.  "When we're in ensemble, we have a challenging piece of music and he gets excited to play it, the more challenging it is, so he gets everybody excited to be involved in the music," says Music Teacher Heather Watras.  "He's a very personable person, a very positive person, so for him to take music into the music therapy world, I think its a perfect fit for him."
      Hauck has been studying cello for 10 years.  He takes lessons from the Eastman Community School, and is a member of the Hochstein Youth Symphony Orchestra.  He counts his travels with the orchestra, to Ireland, as one of his proudest achievements.  Hauck will study music therapy at Nazareth College next fall.

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