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Day One of the Dawn Nguyen Trial

The woman accused of supplying guns to the West Webster shooter is in court today.
West Webster firefighters gathered in court today for the trial of the woman accused of supplying guns to William Spengler.  Spengler used the guns to shoot four firefighters on Christmas Eve in 2012, two of them died.  Close to a dozen firefighters waited for court to begin today.
Those that were there included Ted Scardino and Joseph Hofstetter. Both firefighters were injured during the shooting on Christmas Eve of 2012. State Supreme Court Judge Tom Moran has ordered no more than 10 uniformed officers in court at a time and no more than three can sit together. He says that this is to maintain a fair and impartial jury.  Prosecutors gave their opening arguments this morning. They say that Nguyen bought the guns for William Spangler for only one reason: money. They say the witnesses and evidence will prove that.  The defense intends to show that isn't the truth at all and that Nguyen's guns were stolen from the trunk of her car.

Nguyen is charged with falsifying business records.

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