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Drive-thru Restaurants Allowed in Honeoye Falls

Honeoye Falls trustees voted to allow drive-thru restaurants in the village's commercial district.
Drive-thru restaurants will be able to set up shop in Honeoye Falls.  That's the decision by the village trustees who voted to change the village code Monday night.

To be clear it's been legal for years to have drive-thrus in the historic part of the village of Honeoye Falls.  The vote tonight, allows drive-thrus in the commercial district as well.

The plan has been and continues to be controversial.  When you drive down Main Street in Honeoye Falls, one thing you won't see is a drive-thru.  At least not yet.
Three out of the four village trustees opened the door for that to potentially happen.  They voted in favor of changing the village code to allow two drive thru restaurants to set up shop in the commercial district outside the village proper.

"We've got a very vital place here.  The school is very vital.  People move here because of the school district.  And so we need to progress and make sure people still want to come here," said Mary Szlosek, Honeoye Falls.

Trustee Shari Stottler voted no.  

"When you have a drive-thru you have a lot of entrance and exit compared to even a standard restaurant.  So, the residents have expressed a lot of concerns about that.  Their safety.  It's an area that is very congested as it is," said Shari Stottler, Village Trustee.

But now, drive thru restaurants will be able to set up anywhere in the village.

"My husband says we live in Mayberry.  I said we grew up in Mayberry.  Now we live in Honeoye Falls," said Szlosek.

So far there are no official proposals to build a drive thru.  However, Dunkin' Donuts has expressed interest.
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