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Food Trucks on Rochester City Council's Plate

Rochester City Council listens to food truck vendors about changes they'd like to see adopted.
Rochester City Council has a lot on its plate when it comes to digesting the future of food trucks.  Monday night at a public hearing vendors asked for extended hours and better locations in the city.
Whether it's hot dogs,  loaded fries,  or a healthy paleo alternative you desire, you can probably find it on one of Rochester's food trucks. 

"We can't even really be compared to a sidewalk cart, right?  Because we're a self-contained unit with a commercial kitchen on wheels.  So, I think really that's going to be the biggest challenge is to redefine what we are," said Shaina Sidot, "Effortlessly Healthy" vendor.

City Council extended the food truck pilot program until the end of April while it figures out the future of the estimated 15 to 20 food trucks in Rochester.

"They need to open up the city to more locations for food trucks to go.  They need to get the rules in a written, cohesive manner so that,  I mean it's one thing if those of us who have been in the business for awhile.  It's another for somebody just getting into the business. It's very frustrating," said Rick Gigliotti, "Papa Gig's" vendor.

Food truck vendors want a menu of changes, everything from extended hours to better location.

"We hear everybody say they love food trucks.  So we're just hoping that we can all kind of come to a consensus in the next few months and develop something more permanent that will work for everybody," said Veronica McClive, "Le Petit Poutine" vendor.

Councilors seem to be on board rolling with this new type of restaurant on wheels that is sweeping the nation.

"We're becoming cool, and edgy and metropolitan.  And we want to make sure that we add those elements.  And a lot of young people, ya know folks who are out and about may want to stop at a food truck.  And it's a national trend and we should add that trend to the wonderful vibrancy of our city," said Elaine Spaull, Rochester City Council.

Councilors listened, there was no vote tonight.   Council plans to vote on the legislation at its next meeting April 23rd.
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