Go Green: MCC's Greenhouse With a Green Twist

Go Green: MCC's Greenhouse With a Green Twist

A greenhouse is a pretty green place to begin with.  But the one at MCC has some added features that make it more environmentally friendly than most.
It's a greenhouse with a green twist!

Blaine Grindle, Director of Engineering Services at MCC, says, "It's built with a lot of different energy saving features."  This new greenhouse was built last year.  It took the place of an older, less efficient one.  "When we tore the old greenhouse down which was comprised primarily of concrete glass and aluminum we recycled nearly 100% of the old greenhouse.  So the construction debris was almost zero," says Grindle.

The new greenhouse was made from recycled materials too.  Grindle says, "The whole glass itself is more than 20% recycled content." And there's a high tech control system that limits the amount of energy used to heat and cool the greenhouse.  "The building has a very advanced control system to operate.  So we minimize the amount of energy we put into the building." 

Learning about the green features here has inspired some students to go green at home.

The greenhouse is part of a larger building project that will be certified green.  Grindle says, "As part of our LEEDs accreditation, we have to continue to educate our students in sustainability practices and things we do here at the college.  We are very committed to encouring more people to become sustainable." 
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