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GRE Business Report: February 11th

The top business headlines.
Some credit car companies are looking to upgrade to "smart cards." The Wall Street Journal reports that by the end of next year, there will be a new ritual in the checkout line. You will swipe your card into a card reader, enter a pin number and then go- no signature required. The new cards will be embedded with a microchip with security data that experts say will be harder to hack. Visa and MasterCard have already announced that they will make the switch by October 2015. 

A recall has been issued for Uncle Ben's infused rice. Mars Food Services says three Houston schools reported people experiencing mild flushing and rashes after eating a brand of the flavored rice. The recall only affects Uncle Ben's infused rice, which is sold in large bags through wholesale distributors. It does not involve Uncle Ben's products sold in supermarkets. 

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla were America's top donors in 2013. That is according to a new report from the Chronicle of Philanthropy. Fifty donors made the list. Of all of them, Zuckerberg and his wife were the most generous, donating nearly a billion dollars worth of Facebook stock to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation. The organization provides grants to a variety of non-profits. 
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