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GRE Business Report: February 4th

The top business headlines.
There is good news on the housing front. The real estate markets seems to be going strong. That is according to a Siena Poll. The poll shows home values seem to be increasing and the market seems to favor sellers after years of buyer advantage.

AT&T is reducing its cell phone rates for families who keep in touch through calling and texting. Savings start at about $10 per phone per month. A family using 10 gigabytes of data will see their bill drop from $200 to about $160. 

About 30 million travelers had their flights canceled or delayed in January. That is largely because of winter weather. An estimated 49,000 flights were canceled and 300,000 were delayed last month. It did not just cause flier frustration. According to one estimate, weather-related costs to passengers hit $2.5 billion. That includes extra hotel and meal costs, plus lost productivity. 
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