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GRE Business Report: February 5th

A look at the top business headlines.
Olive Garden is offering couples with children an offer that is hard to refuse. This Thursday the restaurant is offering to pay for child care at "My Gym" fitness franchises while parents enjoy a three-course meal at an Olive Garden restaurant. The children will get a fun-filled evening with games and activities and parents will get a two-for-$25 Italian dinner. 

The Congressional Budget Office estimates the Affordable Care Act could reduce the number of full-time workers by $2.3 million by 2021. The agency says the loss of jobs will not necessarily be because workers are laid off. Instead, many of those workers will choose to leave their jobs because they will be able to get health insurance outside of work through a subsidized government health exchange. 

Thousands of Healthy Choice chicken noodle soups are being recalled nationwide. The company that makes Healthy Choice Chicken with Rice did not add wheat and egg to the labels. The two ingredients are allergens. The recalled items are 14 oz. microwave bowls with the number P770. The expiration date is June 9, 2015. 
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