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GRE Business Report: January 21st

A look at the top business headlines.
Amazon claims to know its customers so well, they can ship what you need before you order it. The Wall Street Journal reports the retail giant got a patent last month for what it calls "anticipatory shopping." Amazon says it may ship products based on customers' previous orders and shopping habits like searches, wish-lists and shopping cart contents. This is Amazon's second attempt at cutting delivery time in an effort to keep customers happy.

Kraft is recalling nearly two million pounds of Velveeta cheese skillet singles. The company says the cheese contains soy, but the label does not say so. That could be a problem for those with soy allergies. So far, there have been no reports of anyone getting sick. 

The massive security breach at Target and other retailers could be the work of a teenager in Russia. That is according to security firm Intercrawler. The firm says the malware used in the cyber attack was written by a 17-year-old with roots in St. Petersburg. The breach compromised the credit card numbers and the personal information of millions of Target customers. Target says it is now spending $5 million to work with cyber security firms to help avoid another attack. 
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