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Health Watch: January 15th

A look at the stories affecting your health.
Expectant mothers who take antidepressants may be jeopardizing the health of their unborn babies. A new study in the British Medical Journal shows some women who take antidepressants known as SSRIs late in pregnancy could deliver babies with breathing difficulties. Doctors say the problem is rare but that expectant mothers need to be told about the risk. 

A new study finds weight training and aerobic exercise can help women prevent diabetes. Researchers in Denmark studied almost 100,000 women for eight years and determined that weight resistance and aerobic activity are independently associated with a reduced risk of diabetes. Doctors say women who regularly do both reduce their risk the most. 

New research shows screening women for cervical cancer past age 50 saves lives. Doctors in London say older women who are not tested have a six times greater chance of developing cervical cancer. They recommend screenings up to age 69. 
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