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Henrietta Says No To Casinos, But Seneca Nation Still Eyes Land

Seneca Nation tells Town of Henrietta it wants community input before building.

Henrietta is a commerce mecca that is close to major highways.

The Seneca Nation says it's perfect for its next casino.

Its eyes are set on a piece of land in the commercial district.

"They were going to seek the community's input and they want to come to a community that wants them and they said if we don't want them, then they don't want to be here," said Jack Moore, Henrietta Town Supervisor.

That land has yet to be identified.

Henrietta Town Supervisor Jack Moore said the town will find out the proposal two to three months after the sale.

There's mixed reviews on a casino's impact.

"Out here in Henrietta or something like that it is going to congest this place and even though it might bring a little bit of money I say no," said Mike Grabowski, who does not favor a casino.

"I have relatives who work in a casino down in Salamanca and it's good to create opportunities and employment,” said Gordy Carlson, who said casino can be positive in a limited way.

"As far as bringing business into the area, it would be good for that, but then again you have to think about what comes with casinos, drinking and other stuff we are probably not ready for," said Melatid Haimanot, who has mixed thoughts.

"I don't think it's a bad thing I guess. I guess you put it in the right area, I guess it would work out well,” said Nate Burke.

During the November referendum on a statewide casino expansion, 53-percent of Henrietta residents voted no. 47-percent voted yes.

The measure passed statewide.

"I think it brings a lot of negative things to the community but as the supervisor and town board we look at this is it an economic opportunity for the community. Is there good jobs that come out of it? I don't know," said Moore.

Moore said he was told close to 2-thousand jobs could be created and the town would receive some type of payment for a casino

But he still wants to know more.

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