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Honestee Turns 4

Little girl orphaned by violence is thriving.
Honestee Wynn became an orphan when she was just six months old. Her father was shot to death. Three weeks later, her mother died in a stabbing.

Honestee's grandmother, Katisha Holmes, faced raising her granddaughter while coping with terrible grief. She was also determined to make sure Honestee had a better life than her parents.

The community pitched in to help. The pastor of Asbury First and his wife offered help to Holmes. They developed a bond with Honestee and frequently take her for weekends. The church also embraced the little girl, donating supplies and money for her care.

Today is Honestee's 4th birthday. She's a happy, healthy girl. Honestee, Holmes and Honestee's uncle, Derrick Strozier, stopped by News 8 First at 4 to talk about their journey.
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