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Inside the Mental Aspects of a Golf Shot

Gary Tatar of Salmon Creek G.C. looks at syncing hand-eye coordination
Thad Brown/PGA Pro Tip: "Too often we amarteurs complain about how our brain gets in the way of our golf game. Gary Tatar, the head pro at Salmon Creek is going to teach us how to make our brain an ally to our golf game. Gary, what do amateurs do that too often causes them problems with what they think about a shot?

Gary Tatar/Head Pro at Salmon Creek C.C.: "They dont have a plan to come up with the right direction and they do not have a plan to come up with the right distance.

I have my see it, feel it, trust it golf ball. Toss this out of my pocket and toss it to him.

When they catch it, I explain that the way your muscles and your mind work is that you're having to get into sync your hand-eye coordination. Your eyes saw that ball coming, your eyes send a picture to your brain and your brain quickly sends a program to your muscels and tells them exactly what to do.

In golf, we're looking here and if you're not comfortable that your ability to hit that golf ball in the right direction and in the right distance, you wont hit your best golf shot. I would check my hand eye coordination make sure that my club face is square. When I check balance and ball placement, you want to make sure that the weight is not in your toes or your heels. 

I would choose a clock system if the golf ball were 12 o'clock, 1 o'clock would be ten yeards, 2 o'clock 20, 3 o'clock 30. Keep it as simple as 1-2-3. Take the club back. That's your distance control. 1 2- is impact 3 is finish. They should become your tempo when youre hitting your golf shot. 1... 2-3. 

I take my students and have them hit three shots in a row then 6 then 9 in a row and when you can hit 9 in a row or even 3 in a row for starters your body and head become more comfortable. your mindset becomes one of I can do this.

With Gary Tatar at Salmon Creek Country Club, I'm Thad Brown with your PGA Pro Tip."
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