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Jim Kelly Returns to the Field at His Annual Football Camp

He says faith, family, and the support of Western NY got him through chemotherapy and radiation.
Jim Kelly sounded strong and was in good spirits today.  It's the beginning of his football camp and Kelly was on the field moving around.  He says his radiation and chemotherapy treatments were tough, but his family,  faith, and support from western New Yorkers is what got him through.
The Hall of Fame quarterback lost 51 pounds, has no saliva, and is eating through a feeding tube but last week he started eating real food.  He says he has also been able to eat some scrambled eggs.
Kelly will see a doctor in August to check on how successful his treatments were.  While waiting, Kelly says he's excited that he gets to watch young athletes hone their football skills.
Kelly has also been in talks with people interested in buying the Buffalo Bills.  He says he doesn't have the money to buy a team nor is he in a group to purchase it, ""I don't want to team up with just one person right now. I'd be stupid to. I don't know who's going to get it. I don't have the money to buy the Bills.  But yes, there are a number of people that have approached us about my role and what I would do...and with different people there's different rules and I know what I want to do but that will be said down the road."

Kelly spoke with media for about 15 minutes and got tired but he just got out on the field for a little bit and was throwing the ball to some players.  He says he's excited to be at camp.

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