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Kodak: Perez Will Not Stay As CEO After Emergence

CEO Antonio Perez will continue to lead Kodak after it emerges from bankuptcy, but for a limited time.
It looks like Antonio Perez's days at Kodak are numbered. Kodak has announced Perez will continue to lead the company for a limited time, after Kodak emerges from bankruptcy.
In a filing with the bankruptcy court, Kodak named six people to manage the company after it emerges from bankruptcy. All six are current Kodak executives, including Antonio Perez. According to the filing, Perez will continue as CEO for one year from emergence, or until the Board of Directors elects a successor, whichever occurs first. After that, Perez will serve as a special advisor and consultant. Perez joined Kodak as COO in 2003 before being named CEO in 2005. 

The company is expected to emerge from bankruptcy next month.

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