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Massive Barn Fire in Genesee County

It happened around 2:30pm on Little Canada Road.

In Genesee County today, a massive fire destroyed a barn on a farm in East Bethany around 2:30pm on Little Canada Road.

Investigators say the barn was full of hay and that no animals were inside.  It took nearly 10 fire departments to put the blaze out; the lack of fire hydrants in the area also made the effort more difficult.

The owner says he uses the barn to store hay and wood chips.

"I guess we have to evaluate what we're going to do," lamented Michael Adams.  "We would kind of use the building for storage like we've always used it.  I don't think we're insured enough to replace it, so we might have to make something smaller or something, get by some other way."

 No one was injured in the fire and officials are still investigating the cause.  Adams says he's not sure how the loss will affect his farm.

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