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New York Minute: February 6th

The top stories trending across the state.
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon held a private meeting in New York Wednesday. The Washington Post reports the two are making plans for next year's 20th anniversary celebration of the historic 1995 UN conference on women in Beijing. Back in 1995, the then-First Lady Clinton made international headlines when she declared "women's rights are human rights and human rights are women's rights." The UN leader told reporters Clinton is expected to play "a very important role" in next year's event. 

When a tree came onto a house on Staten Island, it looked like a small avalanche. Of all the vehicles on the road you see it is a sanitation truck responsible for it. It is plow blade catching the base of the tree, toppling it onto the roof of the house, bending gutters and cracking the front steps. Mayor Bill De Blasio criticized parts of Staten Island for slow and even no slow removal. 
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