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New York Minute: January 29th

A look at the top state headlines.
The Queens County District Attorney's office says two men in New York produced and sold counterfeit NFL tickets for popular post-season games, including Sunday's Super Bowl. Damon Daniels, 43, and Eugene Fladger, 32, face dozens of charges including forgery. The forged tickets had the official NFL logo and bar code imprinted upon them. The printing on the tickets was washed out and not properly aligned. 

For many kids, using a touchscreen tablet comes naturally. So Bishop Grimes School in Syracuse is giving all of its 7th graders an iPad Mini. Lesson plans will now be built around interactive texts and applications. French teacher Patrick Kinne says the iPads will allow students to experience the culture and use Skype or other apps to learn the language from those who speak it. Bishop Grimes has filters in its wireless network to block unwanted websites, and teachers can always check to make sure everyone is on task. 
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