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Ontario Storm

A storm ripped through Ontario County this afternoon.
Around 3 o'clock the skies began to darken over Ontario County.

"It started raining,  it started hailing," said Bill Udick of Hopewell.

Heavy clouds formed, and folks who live here recorded it. 

"It was really dark, dark, dark," said Ann Weber of Bloomfield.

 What appeared to be-and we emphasize appeared to be-a funnel cloud swirling overhead.  

"It made a huge, dark cloud over here.  I thought it was certainly a tornado coming to get us," Weber said.

No one has yet declared this a tornado.  Bill Udick ran outside to take a look.  

"It was raining hard.  Like I said, there was no wind, and then all of a sudden, just watching the trees leaves.  They were just blowing all over and once the limbs start coming down, I just realized how much the wind was blowing," Udick said.

The storm took down two large willows in Bill's front yard.  Fortunately no one was injured...the house was spared.

Just down the road aways in Stanley....downed power lines and trees.  Crews spent the evening uprighting utility poles and restoring power to as many customers as possible.

Back in Bloomfield, Ann is just breathing a sigh of relief.

"Too close.  I think we'll skip it," she said.

Cleanup has just begun for the Udick family.

It has not yet been determined if this was indeed a tornado.  It sure resembled one to folks here.  Tornado alerts and warnings came to many folks cell phones urging them to take shelter.
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