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Popularity for Presidential Selfies

Rush-Henrietta junior Chaz Rorick becomes an online sensation.

Over the course of 44 days, Chaz Rorick transformed himself into every United States president.

Then “Instagramed” each shot.

"I started it that it would be a personal weird thing I did that maybe my friends would like and maybe my history teacher and that was it," said Chaz Rorick.

It wasn't weird.

It became a viral sensation.

Thousands joined Chaz's Instagram account and his phone never stopped ringing.

"Online blogs started to quickly pick up on them, Mashable and Yahoo and Daily Mail from England. And then it blossomed even bigger, it was NPR and then the El Salvador people," said Rorick.

There were some things that shocked Chaz.

"Some of the people don't even know some of the presidents Millard Fillmore. Some people commented,'Who is that?' And I was like, well, he was president,” he said.

But he was also amazed.

"Just that ideas like this can grow in such a positive way because the internet isn't always a great place when you see comments and negative feedback," said Rorick.

This Rush-Henrietta junior is also hit with the teachers.

"They want to print posters and put it up on their walls," said Rorick.

Now that he's done with U.S. presidents, he is on to world leaders: Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama, and even Joan of Arc.

And he wouldn't mind if a leader or two got in touch.

"I would love for [President] Obama to see these pictures. I think he would get a kick out of how big I was smiling," said Rorick.

To check out Chaz's instgram page, you can find the link here.

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