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Potholes Creating Rocky Rides for Drivers

Rochester's winter weather is creating a roller coaster ride for people driving on the roads.
Rochester's winter weather is creating a roller coaster ride for people driving on the roads.

As the snow melts potholes are popping up just about everywhere and sometimes, no matter how hard you try, avoiding them is just about impossible. It can be the most annoying thing for a driver and when a pothole strikes, more often than not, your car gets the short end of the stick.

"Oh my gosh it's so annoying," Griffen Kettler said. "The roads are so ripped up and there are a few places that I drive where my car literally shakes."

Not everyone is complaining, however. Doug McAvoy, owner of Camelot Auto Service, says when the roads become and obstacle course it means more business for him. McAvoy has spent weeks repairing broken tires and wheels due to pothole problems, but says there is really not much drivers can do to miss the craters in the road, except to pay extra attention.

"There's not a whole lot you can do," McAvoy said. "The only way to miss the potholes is to slow down and do your best to avoid them."

This time of year can especially be a rocky ride but drivers need to watch out because potholes can cause major damage and cost major money. McAvoy advised drivers to be mindful of the warning signs their cars are giving them.

"Drivers should be looking for shaking, pulsating, the steering wheel shaking back and forth and watch for the car drifting to the right or left as well as any grinding or rattling noises at high speeds."

As much as people are looking forward to the spring, they are afraid the roads will be even worse moving forward.

"We are probably gonna see a lot more potholes than we think, not just small ones, but I've seen some that were two feet in diameter," David Bergmann said.

McAvoy urges drivers to get their car checked right away if they hit a pothole and notice something is wrong. The problem will only get worse and could lead to dangerous conditions if not addressed.

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