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Restaurants and Grocery Stores Ready For Super Bowl Rush

For many people the Super Bowl is as much about food as it is about football, and right now it's all hands on deck at local restaurants and grocery stores as they get ready for the big game. 

60 million people are expected to go to a restaurant or order out on Sunday.  Restaurants and bars have been stocking up to meet the demand, and they have added extra staff, "anticipating that we're going to do a lot of take out business so we've got lots of people that are going to be able to man the phones, extra cooks in the kitchen to get the food ready, extra staff on hand for the game, and extra product we'll need to handle the larger volume of people," explained Nancy White, the general manager at The Distillery's Mt. Hope location.

Grocery stores have moved all the essential party items to the front.  Chips, pop, and other fan favorites are ready to go.  Everyone is expecting business to pick up ahead of the game on Sunday, "tomorrow's going to be the big push, tomorrow and Sunday, it's a super weekend we call it," explained Steve Geer, Assistant Manager at Tops, "so it's definitely going to be a packed house tomorrow."

If chicken wings are your favorite the rumors about shortages aren't true.  You may pay a little more but restaurants and grocery stores say they're fully stocked to meet the demand.
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