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Return To Normandy

An historic aircraft took to the skies over Geneseo Thursday afternoon.
An historic aircraft took to the skies over Geneseo Thursday afternoon. It's a major effort by the National Warplane Museum to bring Whiskey 7A Douglas C-47 back to France to commemorate D-Day.

The last time Whiskey 7 took flight, Germans tried to shoot it down over France. The year was 1944.

"It will be stepping back in time, 70 years," Captain Christopher Polhemus said. "It will be a time machine for us."

A flying time machine, that dropped members of the allied forces onto the beaches over Normandy on D-Day.

"They flew at night at two in the morning 700 feet above the ground jumping into the night sky not knowing where they were going to land," Polhemus said.

Now, 70 years later, a crew of five is bringing Whiskey 7 back to its historic roots. They will fly at 10,000 feet in an unpressurized cabin.

"I have crossed the ocean hundreds of times and I can tell you this is the most important trip I have ever made," Captain John Lindsay said.

Whiskey 7 will have to make five stops before its final descent into Normandy. WWII veterans George Haines and Bob Stevenson didn't want to miss this day.

"I had seen a C-47 when in war and flew on one but just to see it and be able to touch it and see it take off is fabulous," Haines said.

"I think all WWII veterans, it's important to us," Stevenson said.

Those on the ground will have their eye to the sky as history is made again.

Whiskey 7's first stop will be in Maine on Thursday night. It will make it to France for the D-Day celebrations by early June.
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